We work with the finest materials exclusively from Yamamoto Japan!

Our neoprene is always fresh, we try not to stock neoprene and make several orders per year to ensure fresh materials and high quality!

We make tailor made suits that fit you perfectly! Please take a look at our size chart (in both Greek and English).

Suits are available in two pieces, with or without a hood, in solid colors, combinations or camo.


Neoprene comes to us in sheets and it has different coatings.

  • Open Cell: this is the “raw” neoprene without any coating applied to it. It is commonly found on the inside of a wetsuit. It is very soft, flexible and warm as it “sticks” to the skin. To wear a wetsuit with an open cell inside we need to use soap (see the video in the Maintenance page). Open cell is sensitive as it has no coating to protect it.
  • Smooth Skin: this is a smooth coating that is hydrophobic, soft and “fast” in the water. Since it is hydrophobic, it provides a better seal for our body heat so it is also warm. It is however very sensitive. The best performing combination is smooth on the outside and open cell on the inside, soft, warm and fast but also extremely sensitive. These wetsuits must be handled, donned and doffed with extra care and a lot of soap.
  • Lycra: this is a durable fabric like coating that is ideal to protect the neoprene from the elements. It is more stiff than the other options but very resilient. It does soak up water so it will become heavier and not provide as good of a thermal shield. It can be found on the inside of wetsuits where the outside is smooth (to add durability) or on the outside where the inside is open cell (for durability and warmth) or also lycra (for extra durability). A suit that has lycra inside can be worn easily without soap when we are dry.

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