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G & Sea was created by Gilda Hysaj. Gilda had worked for many years in the wetsuit industry before taking that first step into creating her own business.

Since then, the company has been handmaking tailored wetsuits for top freediving competitors, recreational freedivers as well as scuba divers, manufacturing over 200 wetsuits a year.

We pride ourselves in working only with Yamamoto neoprene and having a close relationship with the company, ordering several times a year to ensure you get the freshest neoprene possible!

Yamamoto neoprene is manufactured in an environmentally conscious way using limestone and is hypoalergenic. Check out the document here.

Here are some quick maintenance tips for your G & Sea wetsuit:

  • Use plenty of (cold) soap water to don open cell suits (use shower gel, not conditioner).
  • Do not dig your nails into the Smooth Skin material.
  • Do not leave your suit in the sun and rinse with fresh water as soon as possible after use.
  • Dry thoroughly and store in a dry well ventilated area, not putting anything else on the suit.
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Wetsuit Maintenance & Information

How to don an open cell wetsuit

Watch the video to see how to don a Smooth Skin / Open Cell wetsuit, which is the most sensitive material combination.

How to take measurements for your wetsuit

Watch the video to see how to take the measurements and then head over to our form to send them in.

Below you can see some color samples

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